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Design-Build: A Convenient Choice

When you’re picturing your dream home, it’s a good plan to picture your dream construction team as well. What qualities they have? You’ll need a reliable and trustworthy contractor, as well as a creative and knowledgeable architect. Your builders will be thorough on site so that you don’t feel any concern about the final results. When you move in, your home will last for years.

With a design-build approach, you can have all this and more! At Kingsmere Construction Ltd., our team really is a team. Every person involved knows everyone else. They’ve worked together before to create many successful homes. Why not make yours their next?

Choosing a Design-Builder

At Kingsmere Construction Ltd. we provide honesty and experience. When you hire us, you will see our many beneficial key traits that you should look for in any design-build company.

  • Partnership - We'll be managing your entire project, so open communication and trust is our promise to you. We'll always listen to your suggestions and questions, and together, we figure out the best way to make your dream a reality.
  • References - With many successful builds under our portfolio, we've got the references to prove it. You're welcome to contact our past clients to be assured of our abilities.
  • Portfolio - You can also get informed about our past work by looking at our portfolio. It's a great sort of inspiration as well!
  • Communication - Like with any relationship, communication is key. Any good design-build company will offer regular progress reports and be available to answer inquiries you have as they arise.

What is the Design-Build Process?

After you've selected Kingsmere Construction Ltd., we will begin pre-construction plans. We will help you to determine your budget, vision and general scope of your project. Next, architectural design will begin. This is one of the most exciting parts of a building project since you'll start seeing your and/or ideas come to life. Once your architect and builder have worked extensively with you to design your home on paper, we then start to coordinate all the pre-construction requirements in place for example: Permits, Structural Engineer Assessments, Kitchen Architectural Designs, etc. We then pick the materials with you and coordinate the labour teams to put a complete project management draft together. We then take to your property to begin actual construction. From the beginning through Completion, we will have weekly project management meetings and are available for any questions as they arise. Upon completion, you will be walked through your new property and once an inspection is complete, you'll be able to move in!

Don't Delay - Call Today!

The home building process can take six months or longer to complete, with factors such as weather and the ordering of certain supplies putting a construction team at its mercy. Don't hesitate, we know you're excited about beginning the design and construction of your dream home. Call Kingsmere Construction Ltd. today and we'll show you just how fun the process can be!

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